Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chasing Love - Presented by World Vision Canada

Artists appearing:
Ada Choi, Chris Wong, Rain Li, Samuel Chan, Karen Tong etc.
蔡少芬, 黃凱芹, 陳鍵鋒, 李彩華, 湯寶如, 劉以達, 雷安娜, 阿凱 領銜主演

Choreographed by our very own, Ying Ying!

World Vision Canada presents Canada’s first-ever Broadway style Asian Charity Musical Drama “Chasing Love”. “Chasing Love” a grand production with a full around cast, dancers, breath-taking scenic backdrops and beautiful, exquisite costumes. The drama foretells about a complicated love story of 8 individuals who are each searching for love and happiness, all but having to have endured lost. 8 distinctive characters played by Hong Kong’s top, most sought out artists. A captivating story full of warmth, mystery, sacrifice, lost, joy and tears.
This is also a combination of five stories of humour and romance, touch the soul musical drama. The story is about a "Mr. Happiness" who opens a specialty store: Happiness Specialty Shop in a small town of Feli City. Everybody comes to this store to search for happiness. Mr. Happiness helps many people to open their heart to have their dream comes true. But, Mr. Happiness who is able to help others, could not help himself in his search for happiness? No matter what kind of "happiness" one is chasing, isn't it so that one need to take effort to grasp happiness and be contented?

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